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7 Dog Grooming Essentials Every Pet Owner Needs!

Welcoming a furry friend at home makes up for a long to-do list. From where he will sleep to what they’ll eat, we all pre-plan these things before those paws event hit our homes.

But what we often forget is dog grooming essentials. Taking good care of a pet dog is one of the essential aspects of every pet parent, and grooming them whenever needed is a part of it.

The Benefits of Grooming Your Dog at Home

An adorable brown and white dog sits obediently next to a pile of dog grooming essentials, including a brush, nail clippers, and wipes.

Has it ever happened to you where you send your dog to the backyard, but it gets back along with filth, mud, and 1000 bacteria? Yeah, I’ve been there, too.

While professional groomers have skills and tools that suit each kind of coat and fur, let’s be practical, we can’t visit them too often either.

Therefore, we found the only solution to a messy dog; grooming at home! Although it seems challenging and time-consuming, look at the bright side. Grooming your pet can improve their health, their coat’s shine, and a wonderful bonding time with their owners.

We collected a few essential tools that every pet owner must have at their homes for a quick and squeaky clean furball.

#1. Brush and Comb

Brush your pet’s hair regularly to get tangle-free healthy hair, a necessary grooming step. Many pet parents forget about brushing, leaving a matted dog at the grooming salon, or simply because they don’t know about brushes.

Evaluate your dog’s hair type and coat. Begin with using a metal comb for tangled hair. Use a wide-tooth comb for long-haired dogs and a metal comb with fine teeth for short-haired dogs. 

Once you’ve done detangling, you can run a soft brush to get a shiny tooth. 

Use a de-shedding tool after you brush your pet’s hair to remove mats. For a short-haired dog: use a bristle brush with tight bristles to get all that loose hair.

As for our long-haired Golden retrievers, get a pin brush for dogs, as it’s good to get loose hair, dust, and debris out of your pup’s coat. 

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#2. Shampoo

Never try the mistake of using human shampoo on your puppies. Dog’s shampoo is made of natural ingredients, specifically to give them a healthy coat and soft skin.

Use the mildest and fragrance-free shampoo; to not cause itchy skin afterward. You can ask your vet about the right shampoo that suits your pup. Nonetheless, you don’t want to strip your dog’s skin of oil by bathing too often. 

#3. Nail Trimmer

We know no one likes this task, neither pets nor their parents. Regardless, you got to do what you got to do. Trimming those long nails is essential for a less painful walk and running session and getting your furniture and rugs to last longer.

Get a stainless-steel nail trimmer to get a clear and precise nail trim as fast as possible. Be patient and careful while trimming those nails since it’s a sensitive part of the paws and contains all the blood vessels.

#4. Conditioner

Restoring the dog’s skin to its natural oils demands a conditioner. Shampoo can be harsh sometimes, leaving itchy skin behind; use a calming conditioner for well-moisturized and soothing skin.

Regular combing and brushing, with conditioning, helps in tangled coats. However, don’t forget to properly rinse your dog to get all the products out of their fur. Leaving products behind is worse than never bathing your dog. 

#5. Wet Wipes

Being a dog owner means constantly worrying about where your dog is this time, and most of the time ends with a stinking or muddy dog. But you can’t give them regular baths, a big no for their skin.

Hence, wet wipes to the rescue, a dirty dog or a muddy paw, goop around the eyes, or tear stains; a quick and easy wipe can give a clean and tidy dog.

#6. Toothpaste & Toothbrush

Dogs’ oral health is as important as human’s. Although neglected by many owners, brush your puppy’s teeth at least once every week.

Do your research on the right dental tools for your dog. Not paying enough attention to those pearly whites can lead to dental disorders such as foul breath, gingivitis, or tooth decay.

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#7. Ear Cleaners

A vital part of grooming is ear cleaning. While some may need it more often than others, your dog will show symptoms of an itchy ear when it needs cleaning.

We suggest not using the Q-tips due to potentially hurting the eardrums. Get an ear cleanser to remove the wax or with anti-bacterial properties to prevent ear infections. Ask your vet to recommend an ear cleanser that suits your dog and how often you should use it.

Tips for Meeting Your Dog’s Individual Needs

Apart from these essential tools, keep an eye on your dog and its habits. Do they spend a lot of their time outsides? They might get ticks or fleas. In such a case, use a tick and flea repellent monthly to keep all those uninvited guests at bay.

You can further discuss your dog with our vet and their needs; if your dog is more prone to mats, invest in a high-quality brush. If your dog’s getting eye infections too frequently, try keeping their face clean with wipes.

The main point here is to keep your dog happy and healthy. And while every dog has different needs and requirements, it’s best to know your dog to the fullest and meet their essentials to ensure a healthy and long life.

Final Thoughts!

A well-groomed dog keeps him safe and everyone around them happy. 

While waiting for your dog to come home, we recommend you gear up for these essential kits. This advance prep will save you the hassle of looking for the right tools at the last minute and give your pet a healthy start at home.

You can decide on a specific day of the week as a designated grooming day to pamper your pet.

If your dog behaves unusually after a grooming session, there’s likely an underlying problem, and we recommend you consult a vet as soon as possible. 


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