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Are American Bullies Aggressive? (Do They Bite Humans?)

The very name American Bully may lead a first time to believe that this is one of the most aggressive dogs that one could have. But the truth can be quite the contrary. 

If you are reading this right now, you have probably come across this dog and are left with the one big question on your mind: are American bullies aggressive? 

You would have probably seen pictures of this cute dog that has now left you confused and in need of answers. 

If yes, read on as we tell you all about the American bully.

Are American Bullies Aggressive?

Are American Bullies Aggressive? Close-Up Shot of an American Bully Dog Sitting on Green Grass.

The American bully is a mix of the American Staffordshire terrier and the American pit bull terrier, which (along with its name) gives it an overall impression of being a bully. 

However, when given the right training, this dog can surprise an owner with its affectionate, loving, and gentle nature. In fact, findings reveal that American bully is good-natured, social, and perfect to have around people and other pets too. 

In other words, the American Bully, when well-bred, won’t live up to its name. 

American Bully Characteristics: Temperament, Personality, Size, and More.

SizeMedium to large
Weight70-120 pounds (31-54 kg)
Height16-20 inches (40-51 cm)
Body typeMuscular and compact
CoatShort, glossy, and smooth
ColorsVarious colors and patterns
Trainability Intelligent and eager to please
Exercise needs Moderate to high
Health issues Hip dysplasia, skin allergies, heart problems
Life expectancy 8-12 years

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Does an American Bully bite?

One of the questions you might have if you’re considering getting an American Bully is whether they bite. The truth is, yes, an American Bully can bite, just like any other dog breed.

However, it’s important to understand that biting is not an inherent characteristic of this breed. But, American Bullies may bite if they feel threatened, scared, or protected, just like any other dog.

How hard does a bully bite?

Are American Bullies Aggressive? Person Holding a Dog Chain Collar of an American Bully

According to various studies, the average bite force of an American Bully is around 305 PSI (pounds per square inch), which is considered to be quite strong.

Although, a bully’s bite strength varies depending on several factors, including its size, age, and temperament.

But, considering the bite force, Bullies should be trained properly to prevent biting incidents and ensure that they are safe and well-behaved companions.

It’s important to note that any dog has the potential to bite and cause injury, regardless of their breed or size.

Why Is My American Bully So Aggressive?

One reason for this could be that the poor dog has not been receiving the right training and exposure (and not to forget, love and attention) he needs right from the time he was young. 

Poor thing! Remember that the American Bully is by nature not a wicked dog, just one that needs a lot of socialization, without which he could end up being the bully. 

In other words, he needs to be around people who can bring out the best in him. 

Factors That Can Contribute To A Dog’s Aggression

The American Kennel Club (AKC) lists five important factors behind a dog displaying aggression. Have a look at them to see which of them is true here, and find a way to get it treated.

Fear – While an American Bully is known for being fearless, it still has its moments of fear, at which times its aggression is a means to deal with the threat he sees.

Loneliness- Sometimes, the reason behind a dog’s aggression could be a lack of exposure to humans and other pets, which has contributed to an overall feeling of aggression that stems from his loneliness. 

Physical pain – Pain can mar a dog’s overall well-being, including his emotional well-being, thus making him aggressive in the long run.

Size – Studies say that the bigger the dog, the more aggressive he can tend to be. 

Sex – Research also reveals that male dogs tend to show a greater level of aggression than female ones. 

How Can You Address Aggression In American Bullies?

According to the findings, one of the first things to remember here is time. Waste no time in training an American Bully, for the earlier; he is trained, the easier it will be. 

That said, here are some of the things you need to include as a part of this dog’s training:

Love and Affection – An owner needs to strike the right balance between love and authority, firmly commanding and yet at the same time rewarding him with pets and treats. 

Overall Well-Being – Timely visits to the vet are very important. Often a dog may not complain about symptoms of his overall well-being, which can lead to aggression, which gives owners something to watch for. 

Exercise – Dogs need their playtime and, with that, lots of exercises. Regular dog walks and time spent with other pets can do the trick to make this dog highly sociable and friendly. 

These are some of the things that can let the American Bully that he is loved and hence only being taught the right way that he should live. 

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Are American Bullies Dangerous Breed?

Are American Bullies Aggressive? An American Bully Walking on the Shore of the Beach

The honest answer is yes if they are not bred properly. Remember that the American Bully comes from a family of pit bulls, considered one of the most dangerous dogs, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be tamed and trained to love and live with people who can love them too. 

In other words, the American Bully is not the right choice of dog for a lazy owner or a careless breeder who has no time to do the right work on him. 

Are American Bullies Good Family Dogs?

Yes, the American Bully loves being around people, and this only makes him the perfect family dog when bred rightly. Besides this, they are intelligent and love attention, making them an interesting addition to the family. 

And training them is more than easy, for these dogs are devoted, loyal, and always eager to please their owners, which only goes on to make the whole phase fun for the owner and his entire family. 

Are American Bullies Good Guard Dogs?

American Bullies are fiercely protective of their owners. At the same time, they are also intelligent and courageous and will know how to act as soon as they detect a threat. 

In short, an owner with an American Bully in the house can sleep soundly the night away as there is no chance of a burglar walking in to ransack his home. 

Are American Bullies Good With Other Dogs?

Are American Bullies Aggressive? Brown American Bully Sitting on a Grass Field

Most readers would have got the answer on reading up till now. In fact, the World Animal Foundation (WAO) states that this is a dog that always responds well to socialization, and this includes other dogs too. 

However, some studies still show that these dogs prefer humans, which can make them aggressive toward other animals, but training can help them handle their emotions better. 

Are American Bullies Good With Cats?

The American Bully may at first be very scary to a cat, considering the size and appearance that he shows up with. 

But time and training can turn the two of them into the best of friends, with the little cat simply loving the company of this friendly and gentle giant. 

Are American Pocket Bullies Aggressive?

Again, all that is said above holds true. An American Pocket bully can get aggressive only if not trained well. Spend time to do the needful on him, and he can turn out to be one of the most gentle, social, and loving of all dogs, making him a pleasure to have as a pet at home. 

In other words, the American Pocket Bully, just like the American Bully, is the product of his owner, upbringing, and his environment. 

Faqs on are American bullies aggressive.

Q1. American Bully Attack Statistics

Ans: Sadly, reports state that pit bull mixes, though comprising just six percent of the dog population, make up for an overall 60 percent of dog attacks, which can be prevented with training and conditioning. 

Q2. What Are American Bullies Bred For?

Ans: The American Bully is generally bred to be a companion as they are one of the best dogs to have among humans, gentle, social, and fiercely protective, all of which go into making the American Bully the perfect family dog when trained. 

Q3. What Breeds Make Up An American Bully?

Ans: The American Bully includes four categories: standard, classic, XL, and pocket, all of which come under the four breeds that are considered to come under the American Bully. However, neither of the above are bully. 

Q4. How Big Does an American Bully Get?

Ans: The American Bully is quite a big dog that can grow up to a size of 20 inches. 

Q5. Is An American Bully A Pitbull?

Ans: The American Bully is mainly an extension of the pitbull, and a lot of experts state that the two do not come under the same breed. 

Q6. Are American Bullies Vicious?

Ans: The American Bully can be vicious when not cared for, but when trained for and cared for, this can be one of the gentlest and sweetest dogs to have. In fact, the Mirror, too, once stated that this breed is not really a dangerous one. 

Q7. Are American Bullies Smart?

Ans: Yes, an American Bully can be very smart, intelligent in sensing danger, and very responsive toward training and conditioning. Its smartness greatly contributes to making the American Bully one of the perfect family dogs to have. 

Final Thoughts!

And that’s what you need to know about the American Bully. So, are American bullies aggressive? While the answer is no, it also depends on the situation, which involves its overall training and upbringing. 

In other words, the American Bully, when carefully nurtured, is not really aggressive. 


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