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Are long haired dachshunds hypoallergenic? [Find Out!]

We all love the look of a dachshund, don’t we? And who wouldn’t love those creatures with their small yet quick legs and doting eyes and the amount of love they show you in everything.

And yet there is one question on the minds of most of these dog owners, and that is.

Are long haired dachshunds hypoallergenic? In case you are one of them, then chances are your little dog has long hair that is worrying you.

So, go ahead; this article is just for you.

Are long haired dachshunds hypoallergenic?

Are long haired dachshunds hypoallergenic? Two playful dachshunds, with long bodies and short legs, run side by side on the sandy beach with big grins on their faces. The waves from the ocean crash in the background, adding to the excitement of their beach adventure.

No, dachshunds are generally not hypoallergenic by nature, even though it is often believed to be hypoallergenic. While long-haired dachshunds are great dogs, they’re not the best option for allergy sufferers.

This is because hypoallergenic dogs produce less dander and proteins that can cause allergic reactions in humans, and long-haired dachshunds are not known for having low levels of these allergens.

However, there are certain breeds in the dachshund family that cause fewer allergic reactions than the rest, and so this is one thing that a dachshund lover can keep in mind when adopting a dachshund. 

Do long-haired dachshunds shed a lot?

Yes, long-haired dachshunds shed more than short-haired dachshunds, which happens mostly in spring and autumn. This is because they have a denser undercoat, (dachshunds with long hair have a double coat) which makes them bigger shedders than short-haired dachshunds. 

However, this is still as much as the hair shed by most breeds of dogs and can be controlled and checked with the right diet and method of grooming. 

Also, as the long hair tends to clump together, it can easily be gathered and cleared. In other words, you won’t have little strands floating around all over the place.

Are long-haired dachshunds safe for people with allergies?

No, dachshunds are not safe for people with allergies for the sole reason that dachshunds are not hypoallergenic.

As a result, the dander that is produced from his fur as well as his saliva, can pose a problem for pet owners who suffer from allergies. 

The symptoms that arise from this can range anywhere from mild to severe based on the extent of the allergy that one suffers.

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Are short haired dachshunds hypoallergenic?

Are short haired dachshunds hypoallergenic? A black and brown dachsund stands attentively, with its long ears perked and its short legs planted firmly on the ground. Its sleek fur shimmers in the light, showcasing its unique coloring. The loyal and playful breed looks ready for its next adventure.

No dachshund is hypoallergenic, including the short-haired ones. Short-haired dachshunds are often believed to be hypoallergenic because they come with a smooth coat.

However, they do shed a moderate amount of fur, the dander of which can cause reactions in those who suffer from allergies.  

As a dog owner, one needs to know that it is not just the dander but also the saliva of a dog that can cause rashes on someone with allergies, so the length of a dachshund’s hair will not make much of a difference here. 

What dachshunds are hypoallergenic?

The doxiepoo is one dachshund that is a good choice for those who want a hypoallergenic dachshund. This is not a complete dachshund but a mix between the dachshund and the poodle. 

However, this is one safe breed of a dachshund that one can go for if he suffers from allergies and is still bent on adopting nothing but a dachshund. 

These generally come with a hypoallergenic coat, but they can have their share of allergens too. 

Can dachshunds be hypoallergenic?

Are long haired dachshunds hypoallergenic? A light brown dachsund stands on its hind legs, looking up with its big, curious eyes. The dog's long, floppy ears and wagging tail give it a playful appearance, while its creamy light brown fur contrasts against the bright white background.

The American Kennel Club states that no dog is completely hypoallergenic, which includes the dachshund as well.

However, as a dog owner looking for a breed that is hypoallergenic, the Irish water spaniel, Poodle, and Maltese would be better options. 

And then there are also certain breeds of terriers, like the American hairless terrier, Bedlington terrier, and Kerry blue terrier. 

Lovers of fur can go for the Bichon Frise, Chinese Crested, Coton de Tulear, or soft-coated Wheaten terrier.

Some breeds of Schnauzers are also good hypoallergenic that dog lovers who are highly allergic can opt for. 

However, one can easily avoid problems with a few simple tips. This is provided below for dog owners to follow so they can be happy and keep their little dachshund happy too. 

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How to reduce allergies when living with a dachshund?

Distance – Someone suffering from allergies must take care to see that the dachshund does not run against its face, which can be difficult considering how loving a dachshund is, but a little effort is all it takes.

Sleep – While it may be so tempting to sleep with a loving dachshund, and he would enjoy that too, this is something that someone with allergies must not do. Get a separate bed or seat for the dachshund instead. That way, he is going to know he is special, and it can be placed in the bedroom. 

Air Purifiers – Air purifiers are an effective way of getting rid of all that dander and pet hair which, if you have a dachshund, are going to be so common in the air. A little investment is all it takes, and a dog owner will then be safe. 

Regular Cleaning – Regular cleaning is always a good habit, whether or not a person is allergic and whether or not there is a dog in the house. However, this is more so important with a long-haired dachshund as a pet. This includes cleaning the home and cleaning the pet.

Food – A dachshund that is well fed with the right food that is nutritious will shed less hair. Omega oils will go a long way in giving the dog healthy fur that does not always shed. 

Medication – Finally, regular visits to the vet and the right amount of medication will keep a dachshund from spreading allergens each time he sheds, so one needs to ensure that there is a decent number of visits to the vet. 

Final thoughts 

Are long haired dachshunds hypoallergenic? There, we hope that makes you feel better, and now that you know all that you have to about the fur of a dachshund, you know what you have to do. 

Dachshunds are adorable dogs, and apart from that little fur, they won’t be giving much of a problem to you. 

So, if you have always been dreaming of welcoming one into your home, go ahead and do it now, and you will be glad you did, and your dachshund will be grateful to you too. 

FAQs on (Are long haired dachshunds hypoallergenic?)

Are smooth haired dachshunds hypoallergenic?

No, smooth-haired Dachshunds are not hypoallergenic. Although they have short coat, they still shed and can cause allergies in sensitive individuals. It’s important to consider your own allergies before getting a Dachshund or any pet.

Is wire haired dachshund hypoallergenic?

No, wire-haired Dachshunds are not hypoallergenic. Although their coat may be less prone to shedding, they can still cause allergies in sensitive individuals. Regular grooming is necessary to maintain their wire coat.

Are fluffy dachshunds hypoallergenic?

No, fluffy dachshunds are not hypoallergenic. Despite their cute appearance, they shed frequently, which can cause allergies in people with allergies. Consider this before getting a fluffy dachshund as a pet.

Are miniature dachshunds hypoallergenic?

Miniature dachshunds are lovable and playful dogs, but they’re not hypoallergenic. Their fur can shed and cause allergic reactions in those sensitive to pet hair and dander. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons before getting a miniature dachshund.


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