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How Fast Are Cats Reflexes? Check Out These Videos!

You may have often come across people in your life who are described as having cat-like reflexes, which means to say that their actions are quick and immediate. 

But really? Are these slow and lazy creatures that sleep all the time blessed with fast reflexes?

If that is true, how fast are cats reflexes? Now, you are sitting up straight, aren’t you?

Let’s keep reading because you are going to learn a lot of things that will surprise you. 

How Fast Are Cats Reflexes?

As you can see in the above video, cats have excellent reflexes. A cat has a reflex time that can range anywhere from 20 to 70 milliseconds. That makes 0.02 to 0.07 seconds. 

How fast is that? Well, a blink of an eye takes about 0.1 seconds. Their reflexes are faster than the blink of an eye.

As a cat owner, you may have already noticed this from the way your cat almost drops something and then catches it before it reaches the floor. 

A human cannot outrun a cat, and neither can a dog or a snake when it comes to reflex.

You can chase a cat, perhaps, for there, you can have the upper hand. But when it comes to reflexes, the winner is the cat. When it comes to climbing the apple tree outside your house, your cat is going to reach up there much faster than you. 

Speaking of jumping, a cat can jump nine times its height. Now, you can’t do that, can you? 

Why Are Cats So Fast?

How fast are cats reflexes? Cute Gray Cat Looking at Camera

Why are cat’s reflexes so fast, you may ask, and so here is your answer. 

This quick reflex could steam from their need to hunt. While dogs hunt too, at times, and man is a primitive hunter, both don’t rely on hunting, like the cat. 

And so, it is only fair that this blessing of a quick reflex goes to the cat. You see, it was only recently that cats began to be domesticated and welcomed in homes, unlike the dog cute with the added advantage of being able to guard humans. 

Cats are cute too, and that is why they later began to be domesticated, but till then, their means of survival was hunting, without which they would have starved for lack of food. 

This is where their quick reflexes were put to good use.

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Can A Cat Survive Terminal Velocity?

Yes, cats have an amazing ability to survive, all thanks to their quick reflexes. After all, what less can you expect from an animal that is hardly afraid of even a snake?

Yet at the same time, they know when they are drained out and need to relax, something you would expect of a cat if you have one. 

That said, a cat can relax even when falling through mid-air, and this can, at times, be of great help to them. All they have to do is wiggle a little while in mid-air to adjust their position in a way that lets them land on their feet. 

You see, a cat can fall from a height and still survive, though not all the time. He may not survive falling from a skyscraper, or a plane for that matter, but then, he may not jump off. 

Cat Reflexes Vs Snakes: Are Cats Faster Than Snakes?

Most of you reading this will quickly say snakes are faster, and no one blames you. These creatures, with their ability to roll into a coil, always look more flexible and fast. But a cat’s reflexes are faster than that of a snake. 

That means if a cat and a snake were to fight, the cat would probably win with its reaction time of 20 milliseconds, as compared to the snake’s 44 millisecond reaction time. 

While a cat has a reaction time that ranges from 20 to 70 milliseconds, a snake’s reaction time ranges from 44 to 77 milliseconds. 

So, from this, you can say that while both are fast creatures, there is likely a chance for the cat to be faster. 

Still hard to believe? Then, take a look at the incredible video below.

Cat Reaction Time Vs Human: How Fast Are Human Reflexes? 

Now, what are you asking? An average human being has a reflex that can range anywhere from 150 to 300 milliseconds. 

 Of course, cats are faster than humans. Agreed, they may not be as productive and spend most of the day sleeping while you go about with the broom and the mop, but they will be very quick when they have to. 

In other words, you are no match for the cat when it comes to its quick reflexes. 

Well, some of you may be nodding your disagreement and what you think may be true. It’s like this. 

Some human beings are born with fast reflexes, and these are the kind that falls in the category mentioned above in the introduction.

Know someone like this? Oh, you are one of them, are you?

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Cat Vs Dog Reflexes: How Fast Are Dogs Reflexes?

All those raising their hands in support of the dog are wrong. The cat has reflexes that are 1.5 times faster than a dog, and all you have to do is watch the two of them play together, after which you, too, will agree. 

However, this doesn’t beat the fact that a dog is just as smart as a cat, with their social intelligence, language skills, and cognitive abilities that make him more reliable than a cat who will move only when there’s something in it for him. 

While cats can think more independently, dogs can perceive and understand much more. 

A cat has good vision and movement with greater spatial memory, all of which he will use for his own needs; dogs know how to make friends with human beings. 

Cats, on the other hand, are just fast and cute. Agree, don’t you? 

What Animal Has The Fastest Reflexes?

Well, it’s not an animal but an insect. Try hard not to laugh, for the answer is flies. And you agree, don’t you? You will find when recalling all the times you tried to catch one, or rather kill one, even with the most innovative fly killer and failed. 

Yes, these are creatures with the fastest reflexes. But if you want to know which animal has the fastest reflexes, the answer again flies. 

You see, there is a breed of flies called the condylostylus, and this belongs to the animal kingdom, and this one has the fastest reflexes.

Moving on, no one wants to read about flies, do you? 

Closing Thoughts

And that’s all about your cat and his reflexes and how quick he is. Now you know how fast are cats reflexes? Quite fast, and now you surely agree. But then, you also see how he needs it, unlike dogs and us human beings, so stop being so jealous of him. 

Okay, here is the part that you were worried about. If he loves you, which he does, he will not use his reflexes against you. Now does that make you happy?

Wait, there’s more. His reflexes are an added advantage for you. Remember the paragraph on the snake? Should one come to your home, the cat at home is likely to defend you. 

Frequently Asked Questions on How Fast Are Cats Reflexes?

Q1. Cat righting reflex zero gravity?

Ans: Yes, a cat has a good righting reflex and can save himself from a fall, landing on his feet and surprising any human being. Something like this happens when a cat is as young as three to four weeks, perhaps a blessing.

Q2. Do cats land on their feet?

Ans: Yes, a cat from a height can often land on its feet. This is because cats are agile beings, even when they are falling from a height, which helps them land safely on their feet. 

Q3. Why do cats always land on their feet?

Ans: This is all thanks to their flexible backbone and functional collarbone, which humans don’t have, so you don’t try any of that too. 

Q4. How fast is a cat’s paw strike?

Ans: A cat has a paw strike that is stronger than that of Usain Bolt, reaching speeds of up to 30 mph. Their impressive ability to run, swat, balance, and jump nine times their own height demonstrates their agility and quickness.

Q5. Do Cats Have The Fastest Reflexes?

Ans: No, cats don’t have the fastest reflexes, cats have fast reflexes, even faster than a snake, but they don’t win the prize. There is the star-nosed mole, for one, which is faster than the cat. And then you also have the top jaw ant, which may not be an animal.


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