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Rhodesian Ridgeback vs Lion – Who Will Win?

We all know how intimidating a lion is; sometimes, we wish an animal could defeat it. You are probably one of them, with your latest candidate, the Rhodesian Ridgeback, wondering whether this animal, when confronted with a lion, could defeat him. 

Let’s see. Rhodesian Ridgeback vs Lion. This is what this article is about, and at the end, you will know whether or not this animal can outsmart the lion. 

Rhodesian Ridgeback vs Lion: Quick Comparison

Rhodesian RidgebackLion
Average Size24 – 27 in56 – 99 in
Weight60 – 85 lbs265 – 420 lbs
Lifespan10 – 12 years10 – 14 years
HabitatDomesticatedGrasslands, Savannas
Predatory StatusFormer HunterApex Predator
StrengthMuscular and powerful, sharp canine teethLarge head, muscular body, powerful jaws, and claws
Bite Force224 psi650 psi
Speed30 mph50 mph
Hunting TechniquePack-orientedGroup Hunters

So, from these, one can easily conclude how the size, weight, diet, and nature of these two animals make the lion stronger than the dog we have here. Added to that are the bite force, techniques, and speed of the former, giving it an advantage over the latter. 

And then, let us remember that these two animals come from two different places. There is one who prefers the grasslands of Africa and Asia and the other who likes your home. 

The only area in which the two match is their high intelligence. The only way to win a fight depended solely on this. We would all be happy, wouldn’t we? 

Rhodesian Ridgeback vs Lion: Physical Characteristics

Rhodesian Ridgeback vs Lion - Who Will Win?

Of the two, we can safely say that the lion is more enormous, standing tall at a height of four feet and weighing an overall 500 pounds. 

Coming to the frame, the lion is again far more muscular, and finally, there are the sharp claws and strong jaws that make this animal any day more potent than the Rhodesian Ridgeback. 

We can say that the Rhodesian Ridgeback’s one advantage over the lion is that he is more agile, but this may not be enough to combat the lion’s strength, size, and power. 

Rhodesian Ridgeback vs Lion: Behavior and Temperaments

See, lions are predators known for their hunting skills. Added to this is that they are very territorial and tolerate no intruders. 

On the other hand, Rhodesian Ridgebacks are not so aggressive and, unlike the lion, can even be trained to live in a home like pets. They love their owners and can be very protective over them. 

They are also playful and, hence, need some mental stimulation. Finally, they have an impressive memory, which makes them easy to train. This is enhanced by the fact that they can quickly adapt to changing living conditions. 

Lions are also intelligent but too aggressive to be kept as pets. 

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Rhodesian Ridgebacks vs Lion: Speed and Agility

The lion is faster. If it runs, it can cover a speed of 50 mph. Remember it is also sufficiently agile, though the Ridgeback is no less here. 

However, regarding the running speed, the Ridgeback falls back to 35 mph. 

Here, his agility can help him dodge the lion’s attacks, though we cannot say he can win a fight. 

Let’s hope he does the former and shows that he is wise because the lion with his jaws, claws, and all will come out stronger, disappointing us all. 

Rhodesian Ridgebacks vs Lion: Hunting styles

This dog is not aggressive and will fight only when protecting himself or his owner. He is not much of a hunter either, for he will, at all costs, try to avoid unnecessary confrontations. 

And even if he has to face one, his trick is more to tire his opponent while he tries to make his escape. 

So, what he has here is more of a decent guy and an ideal pet than the cruel king who would always want to rule the jungle. 

Rhodesian Ridgebacks vs Lion: Strengths & Weaknesses

Angry, growling lion

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is often misunderstood to have strengths and weaknesses similar to the lion. So, before we read on further, it would be good to sort out the misunderstanding here. 


Let us begin with the strengths of the lion, most of which you would already know. 

Muscular Strength

So, how strong is a lion, to be precise? Let us put it this way. The lion possesses four times the physical strength of humans. 

He can lift ten times the average person’s load, and his strike force is more excellent (don’t ask how much more significant) than an average man’s blow. 


Have you ever wondered how agile a lion is? Perhaps he was napping when you saw him in the zoo, but his one leap can cover a distance of 36 feet. Now, it is a little small. 

Let us remember his chasing speed and the abruptness with which he can change directions when going after his prey. 

Climbing Ability

Unlike most other big cats, a lion can climb trees, too, which means there is no escape for a monkey that can get away from a tiger or a panther. 


A roar from a lion can reach up to eight kilometers, so run, rabbit, run. 

So, from this, we all know that the lion is strong, powerful, quick, and intelligent, which has left us concerned about the dog in question. So, read on and let us find out what its strengths are. 


No, this is no cliche, for the Rhodesian Ridgeback is one muscular and agile animal that can fight any other animal besides the wolf and the lion. 

It is for this reason that he is going to need a moderate amount of exercise each day. 


The Ridgeback is quiet, gentle, and easily trainable as a dog, making him a good pet. Let’s remember his protective nature that makes him an excellent guard to your house. 

And that is not all. They are also very generous and enjoy the company of other pets. 


True, he may not be as experienced and skilled in this area as the lion, but the Ridgeback is a natural hunter that can easily track his prey. 

From this, we can safely conclude that the Rhodesian Ridgeback is a robust dog, definitely no match for the mighty lion, but a strong animal. 


Now that we have compared the strengths of both these animals, how about a peek into their weaknesses? Let us begin with the mighty lion. 


As you would have gauged by now, this is one selfish animal for whom almost anything is prey, more like a lonely king disliked by everyone in the jungle.

And that is probably the only weakness of a lion, which is reasonably expected because this is a king. 

With that, we move on to the Rhodesian Ridgeback. 


While these dogs are strong, the problem with them is that they can be prone to some health issues, of which you need to be aware. 

For one, they can get obese. And then, if not protected, they can get infected by parasites and develop various diseases and allergies. These dogs can also have problems with their eyes and teeth and need care. 


True, this dog can be very gentle and protective, but on the downside, it is also more aloof, which can border on the lines of stubbornness. However, this can be corrected with the required icebreaker and the proper training. 

Can Rhodesian Ridgeback Defeat Lion? Who Would Win? 

Rhodesian Ridgeback closeup picture

This will mainly depend on the size, speed, and defensive skills of both these animals. And by now, you know that the lion is faster, bigger, and more experienced than this dog that is mainly known to be a friend of humans. 

It is a common belief that the Rhodesian Ridgeback is one dog known to hunt down a lion, but understand that this is just a myth. The dog will not win, and reading up until now, you would agree that victory belongs to the lion. 

Yes, the Rhodesian Ridgeback is often called the African lion dog, but let this serve as a reminder that he is a lion only among the other dogs, and his prowess would be no match to that of the lion that could finish him off with a single blow. 

How Many Rhodesian Ridgebacks Can Kill a Lion?

Perhaps not even ten because the truth is that even with a pack of these dogs coming to fight, the lion will emerge stronger. 

There is a history behind this: Rhodesian Ridgebacks were known to hunt down lions in packs. But there is no story stating that they managed to kill the lion, not even if it is a single and lonely lion. 

Whatever it may be, know that the Ridgeback is no longer a dog known for hunting today but is more of a domestic dog, which means there is no way that you could send one to chase a lion today. 

And the good news is that these dogs are more friendly as pets than out there as hunters in the wild, making good guards and great babysitters, too. 

Which Dog Can Kill a Lion?

Another hard truth. No dog can kill a lion or even survive a fight with a lion, for that matter. 

True, some dogs can be almost as strong as the lion, and some of these are courageous enough to confront a lion, but this does not mean they will win a fight with the lion. 

Final Thoughts

We hope to convince you of the Ridgeback’s weakness against the lion’s power. And yet, as you already know, this one would make a more excellent pet at home any day, so if you have one, don’t let the fact that he can’t fight a lion out there disappoint you and reduce your love for your Ridgeback.

He is still a wonderful dog, too wonderful to compete with the strength and power of a selfish lion. 


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