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Do cats have Adam’s apple? Do female cats have it too?

Do cats have Adam’s apples? This is likely a question from a new pet owner who has recently been playing with the cat on his lap, only to discover a bump at the throat similar to his own. 

And that is how you would have landed on this article.

Well, you are on the right page, so read on for this article that aims to address one of the most interesting questions on whether or not cats, like men, have Adam’s apples.

What is an Adam’s apple?

The Adam’s Apple is a casual term that is used to describe the bulge that is often visible at the front of a man’s neck, at the throat. 

This is called the laryngeal prominence, in scientific terms, and looks more like a swelling on the neck.

This often has a joke attached to it, with the story that it got its name from Adam, who choked on eating the forbidden apple.

Despite being a distinctive feature in men, women can also have Adam’s apple, albeit usually smaller in size.

In mammals, the larynx has a similar function, but it does not protrude to the same degree as in humans, leaving us to ask, “do cats have an Adam’s apple?”.

Do Cats Have Adam’s Apples?

Front view of a group of cats sitting together.

Do Cats Have Adam's Apple

Yes, cats too have Adam’s apples though it is often hard to notice. This is because, unlike a man’s Adam’s apple, this one is small. Added to that is the fact that it is covered with his fur. However, if one were to fondle the neck of a cat, he would easily find this bulge that is the cat’s Adam’s apple.

This is an organ that you find in most mammals, and your cat is one among them, which explains Adam’s apple. You just weren’t aware of it, which is understandable. 

As a cat parent, we understand that you can’t be concerned about that baby of the house that is maturing and (just as children do) showing you changes each day that (if you are a first-time cat owner) may be startling. 

But stay assured that there’s no reason to worry. Don’t get carried away by articles on the internet that talk about lumps and cysts and other highly unlikely things. You just discovered nothing more than Adam’s apple on your cat’s neck. 

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Why do cats have Adam’s apple?

Okay, now some of you may be new to the term and have never seen this, even in men, and it’s okay. 

Considering the size and significance of the whole thing, you don’t have to have a lot of knowledge about it. But now, since it’s your cat, we know you are concerned, so let us tell you what this is. 

First of all, relax. The Adam’s apple is just a part of your cat’s voice box or the larynx, the hard structure you normally find above a cat’s (and a human’s) windpipe.

To give you a proper definition, Adam’s apple is a piece of small cartilage, comes triangular, and is positioned at the base of the neck.

It is mainly located at the back but connects to the windpipe and then the trachea, just as it is with us humans. Having said that, what exactly does it do? Let’s examine it more closely.

1. It Lets Him Speak

In other words, that is part of the throat responsible for the noise. So, when your cat tries to talk to you, he forces the air out of his larynx that vibrates to make those cute sounds you have grown to adore. 

So, be glad if your cat hadn’t had this; you wouldn’t be enjoying all those cute sounds he is making right now. 

2. It Lets Him Eat

And it’s not just that. This cluster of glands is also responsible for your cat’s eating, playing a huge role in helping him chew and swallow his meals.

And it will do nothing to harm it.

3. It Let’s Him Mate 

On the contrary, it is highly beneficial to your cat, so much so that studies have also proved that this gland plays an important role in mating.

You see, it is this part of the body that cats find so attractive and bring them closer, resulting in mating. 

Do Female Cats Have Adam’s Apple?

Cat being patted by owner.

Do Cats Have Adam's Apple

Some female cats have an Adam’s apple, just as some females too have Adam’s apples. The fact that not many are familiar with is that women can have Adam’s apples too, though this is rare as a woman’s Adam’s apple is often more hidden.

The same is true for female cats. Some of them do have Adam’s apples, though this is something that is more common among males.

Do All Cats Have Adam’s Apples?

Do all men have Adam’s apples? There you got your answer. While this structure can be so small in some men that it fails to show itself as Adam’s visible apple, it is large and prominent in some to become Adam’s apple. 

And the same holds for your cat. We’re saying this because we know that there are some of you cat parents right now feeling your cat’s throat and worrying that you can’t find Adam’s apple. 

Relax, and leave the poor cat to play and go about with his day. 

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Can a cat’s Adam’s apple change over time?

Yes, a cat’s Adam’s apple grows as he grows as the cat grows from a kitten. This is why most cat owners who pay special attention to these little details will find Adam’s apple getting bigger with time. 

Are there any breeds of cats that have more prominent Adam’s apples?

The presence of Adam’s apple is determined by the size and shape of the thyroid cartilage, which is largely influenced by hormones and genetics.

While some individual cats may have a slightly more prominent thyroid cartilage, this does not vary by breed and is not a defining characteristic of any feline breed.

Cats generally don’t have a noticeable Adam’s apple since their larynx is less developed and prominent than that of humans. So, whether you have a Siamese, Persian, or any other breed of cat, you may not be able to see Adam’s apple.

Final Words On Your Cat’s Adam’s Apple!

With that, we hope our little article has managed to provide you with the reassurance that you need that what you have now discovered is merely your cat’s Adam’s apple. 

So, relax and chill, it’s just another beautiful day with you as a cat parent, and your cat will always be here to stay, purring and licking and making your day. 

Enjoy every bit of it, will you? Don’t let unwanted and unnecessary things spoil it all for you today. 


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