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Why do cats make muffins? (What are they trying to say?)

If you are a cat owner, the question (why do cats make muffins) may be familiar to you, as you would have, by now, had enough of your feline pet coming over and kneading. 

And that is the reason you have landed here on our little article, isn’t it? So, why do cats make muffins? If you are curious to know, read on, as this article will provide you with the information you need.

Cats Making Muffins: What Is It?

why do cats make muffins: a cat standing on his bed from the front view.

Wait a moment, before we go on, here is a word of explanation to the rest who have accidentally landed on this page and are new to a concept like this. 

No, cats are not chefs who will help you make goodies from the oven, for that is not what we mean by a cat making muffins. What we rather mean by this is your cat’s constant act of kneading, which, if you are a new cat owner, you need to prepare yourself to see. 

As a cat owner, be ready to face a lot of ragged ends and torn fabrics, and yes, sometimes even on brand new things. At the end of the day, you love your cat more than your costly bedsheet, don’t you? 

He could do it on your lap, he could do it on your carpet, or he could do it on your brand-new sofa cover. So, here is an article to tell you all about him, so be patient with the little thing and do not go ahead and lunge at him. 

Just kidding. We know you’re sweet, and your cat is lucky to have an owner like you but enough of this for now. Let’s go ahead to the serious part, the answer to our question here:

Why do cats make muffins?

A greyish cat is lying on the bed relaxing and enjoying itself

So, here goes, here are some probable answers to this. 

1. He’s Marking His Territory

Well, now that is the most obvious answer, isn’t it? If you are a pet owner, you would not be new to this, for as much as your cute little one loves you, he would also want to have his territory, 

And why not, when you have that comfortable office chair that you sit on when you want to think or browse through something simply? 

So, go ahead and allow him to make his muffin; for a while, he is doing that; chances are he is building his office seat, and he is not getting a penny out of your pocket for it, isn’t he? 

2. He’s Making His Bed

Cats need a bed, too, you know? And like you, your little cat would also fancy a comfortable bed to sleep in, and that could be the reason why he’s right now kneading and making a muffin in the corner of your room right now. 

By the way, what is he making a muffin on? If it is a sofa or a carpet, then be ready, for chances are he is booking that spot as his bed for tonight, and you would rather keep him happy by allowing him to sleep in it. 

Oh yes, chances are he is going to do it in your favorite blanket, and it only goes to say that he wants to be cozy and comfortable as he sleeps with you. So, remember to be happy and not angry about it. 

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3. They’re Simply Comfortable

why do cats make muffins

Cats don’t need a reason behind everything they do, do they? Well, if you are still looking for one, how about we tell you that he is simply comfortable in your company, and that is why he is right now seated next to you, making a muffin?

So, relax and smile and let him be happy as he goes away, kneading while you are happy eating that pizza in your hand and watching whatever it is that you’re enjoying right now on TV. Don’t overthink everything! Live and let live!

4. A Little Tender Loving Care, Please?

Okay, now this could be another reason why your cat is making a muffin. Cats are attention seekers, and we all know it. And so, if you have been too busy lately, your little drama queen is subtly telling you that he is a little upset about it. 

All you need to do is pick him up and let him curl on your lap while you stroke his little fur and maybe sing to him for a while. 

Don’t worry; it won’t be long before he’s going to fall asleep, satisfied with the love that you are finally giving him, and then you can go back to what you were doing. 

5. He Wants To Mate

This one may want to make you laugh, but cats have desires, too, don’t they? So, chances are that is what your little one is going through right now, and you need to find a way to help him deal with it. 

And as a cat owner, you probably know better, and we don’t need to advise you on it. 

6. Stretchy, Stretchy, Just A Little Stretchy

The front view of a white cat in stretching position.

Don’t get us wrong, but the fact is that cats are lazy beings, just like some of us humans. They love to stretch in the middle of a long day though we have no idea what they have been so busy with. 

Anyway, there’s no harm in that, is there? So again, please don’t worry about it. 

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7. Reliving memories of nursing

One of the reasons why cats make muffins is to relive memories of nursing. Kneading is a behavior that cats do when they’re nursing as kittens.

They knead on their mother’s nipples to stimulate the flow of milk and get the nourishment they need. This behavior is ingrained in them from a very young age and they may continue to do it even as adults.

As cats grow up, they may knead on soft surfaces like blankets or laps as a way to relive the comfort and security they felt while nursing.

It’s a comforting and nostalgic behavior for them, and it’s not uncommon for cats to knead on their owners as a way to show affection and seek comfort.

He’s Still Cute, Isn’t He?

So, now that you know the probabilities, remember to be patient. Yes, we are reiterating, for we cannot be stressing about it enough. 

Why so? Because there is a lot that you probably yet need to be prepared for. Now, your cat is not going to be the decent guest who is going to think twice before he chooses a place where he wants to make a muffin. 

He could do it on your favorite rug, the new tablecloth you bought, your favorite pair of jeans, or even your newly shaved legs. 

Final Thoughts!

So, why do cats make muffins? You know the answer now, and now that you know, you sure are going to an understanding with him, won’t you? 

Those are the seven amazing reasons why cats make muffins. Do any of these explanations surprise you? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

FAQs on Why Do Cats Make Muffins?

Q1. What is it called when cats make muffins?

Ans: Kneading is a behavior in cats where they use their paws to flatten and push against surfaces, often referred to as “making muffins.” It’s a sign of comfort and indicates the cat feels at ease with its surroundings or the person it’s kneading.

Q2. Why do cats make muffins with their paws?

Ans: The reasons behind kneading in cats are unclear, but theories suggest it may be a comfort behavior to release tension and stress, or a way to mark their territory with the scent of their paws.

Q3. What does it mean when cats make muffins on you?

Ans: When cats knead their paws on your lap, they are expressing their affection and marking you as their own. It’s a sign of contentment and happiness and a way of creating warmth and comfort. Next time your cat kneads you, take it as a compliment, as it’s a way of them expressing their love for you.

Q4. Why do cats make biscuits?

Ans: Cats knead as a behavior stemming from kittenhood, used to stimulate milk production from their mother. It also has a calming effect and makes them feel comfortable and secure, indicating they are feeling happy and content.

Q5. What does it mean when your cat kneads you?

Ans: Cats kneading is a behavior that is still not fully understood, but theories suggest it may be a leftover instinct from kittenhood or a way of showing affection and marking territory. Many cat owners find it comforting and pleasant and are happy to provide a comfortable place for their cats to knead.


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