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Why do cats like the pspsps sound? (What do they think?)

Cats are fascinating creatures with the things they do and the things they find amusing. And speaking of the latter, one of them is the many sounds that excite them. 

That said, one of the best ways to draw the attention of a cat who has been ignoring you for a while is to learn to make the pspsps sound.

And why do cats like the pspsps sound so much? Read on to know…

What is the pspsps sound?

why do cats like the pspsps sound
Why do cats like the pspsps sound?

The pspsps sound is nothing but an onomatopoeia. In other words, it is an imitation of the kind of sounds that are found in nature, like the rustling of leaves, the buzz of an insect, or anything that a cat is usually interested in. 

In other words, the pspsps is mainly a trigger to get a cat’s attention and a sound that is simple enough for any cat owner to train himself to make to perfection to get his cat’s attention at all times in the best way. 

Five surprising reasons: Why do cats like the pspsps sound?

Read on as we take you through each of them. Here’s the first one. 

#1: Sensitive hearing

Cats like sounds that come with a high pitch and frequency, and so while they ignore the rattling of an owner, even with the 32 muscles of their sensitive ears, which gives them hearing that is ten times better than that of humans, the selective earring in them leads them to immediately sit up straight, tail upright, arched ears and doting glances at the sound of the pspsps. 

#2: Cats have a strong hunting instinct

Cats are predatory in nature, in a way like domestic tigers that do no harm to human beings. 

However, the sound of a rat or other such prey lurking by would be a welcome signal for his hunting time, and this is when he is going to get off the couch and go flying. 

At that moment, the cat assumes that this sound is from a rodent or any such creature that has by now aroused his hunting instinct.

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#3: They’re curious

Why do cats like the pspsps sound? An alert white and orange cat looks ahead with its tail up

Cats are also inquisitive. Not all of them are Garfields that want to eat, sleep and bash up Oody. 

No, cats are learners, explorers, and investigators who are always on the lookout for something new to grab their attention, and one of the best ways to get them to this is by the pspsps sound, giving them a start from the boring sounds of conversation and the television that the poor cat gets to hear when he is indoors all day. 

#4: Cats may associate the “pspsps” sound with positive experiences

So, sometimes the sound made by an owner may bring to a cat’s mind certain things that a cat is interested in, just as in the case of a human being, arousing in him positive experiences. 

In such a case, a cat could be expecting a bowl of his favorite food that he thinks is going to follow this sound or any other such positive experience that he associates the sound with. 

#5: It provokes playfulness

Cats are playful beings, and a cat lover would know that.

And the pspsps sound is one that reminds them of all the things they like to play with, be it people, toys, objects around the house that they find interesting, or most importantly, playmates, which often include other creatures that a cat often plays with and is at the moment missing. 

And so, the pspsps could be the ruffling of a bird’s feathers or the bark of a dog that he likes to play with, alerting him to the fact that it is time to get off the couch and play. 

What sounds do cats love: Other sounds that cats may respond to!

Why do cats like the pspsps sound?

An adorable white kitten walks by

And that’s not all. Cats love many sounds, perhaps apart from a human’s constant chatter. So here are some things that a cat owner who wants some attention can do. 

An owner can whistle if he knows how to be loud when opening and shaking cans, and take care to do it when a cat is around to hear that too. 

Toys, bells, and music are some of the many things that an owner can begin to experiment with, and it’s only going to be a matter of time before he is going to have a head full of ideas on the kinds of sounds he can produce to draw the attention of his cat with. 

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How to use the PSPSPS sound effectively with your cat?

Cats are conditioned animals. In other words, it is easy to train and condition them, and one of the effective ways to do this is for a cat owner to make use of the pspsps sounds instead of rattling on words that will most of the time fall on deaf ears. 

The pspsps could, to a cat, be like a hey, which is more of a call for play, and the cat is hence more likely to respond to it. 

It is for these reasons that the pspsps is more like a mother tongue to a cat, and sometimes the mere sound of it is enough to dissuade him from scratching the couch or any other such behavior that long words that he won’t listen to anyway. 

Final thoughts on why do cats like the pspsps sound?

So now that you know the secret behind it, go ahead and learn to make the pspsps sounds, for that is the only way you can get your not-so-deaf cat to hear your voice and pay attention. 

Don’t worry; you may feel awkward and find it hard at first, but as we all know, nothing can be too hard for a cat lover, and it is only going to be a matter of time before your cat, and you will be making some good conversation using the pspsps sounds all day. 

So, why do cats like the pspsps sound? You got your answer today!


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