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Why Does My Cat Walk On Me? Is My Cat Showing Me Love?

Ever had a cat that made you feel like you were his cushion to sleep, play and walk on? 

Of course, you did, and that is why you are finally here with the big question that this article aims to answer. 

Why does my cat walk on me? 

Read on to know the reason behind this behavior so that the next time your feline friend begins to climb over you, you’ll be more patient; now that you know why he does this and what this reflects about his feeling for you, as his owner.

Why Does My Cat Walk On Me?

Why does my cat walk on me? Crop unrecognizable woman stroking cat on belly

There are about seven probable reasons why you see your cat walking over you. Let us look at each of them.

1. Marking their territory

Cats love to leave their scent over objects and people that they consider their own. This is how they ward off other cats with the message that these things and people are theirs and theirs alone. 

Some ways in which your cat is going to do this is by rubbing, scratching, and in some cases, urinating, and finally, walking over you. 

This way, they are leaving the odor from their cheeks, feet, and other parts of their body on you. 

2. Instinctual Behavior

Cats are hunters by nature, and things like scratching and rubbing come only as a part of this instinctual behavior. 

They love kneading on objects that are soft, even if this includes your own body. Cats use their sense of smell to explore their surroundings, and walking over you is one way of doing this, as you are the favorite part of your surroundings. 

Kneading, for a cat, is one way of experiencing and getting to know the world around him, and why would he want to leave his beloved owner out of this?

While you are their parent, you are also their favorite toy and playmate even, so don’t be surprised when he is kneading all over you and making muffins on you. 

3. Seeking Attention

Cat Biting Persons Finger

Agree or not, the truth is that cats are social creatures that are always craving love and attention. 

Like humans, they can feel insecure too, perhaps more, and hence want your constant reassurance. 

So, if your cat is walking on you right now, chances are he is trying to distract you from the TV you have been staring at for a little too long. 

Positive reinforcement and attention for cats

4. Claiming Territory

Again, cats are territorial beings and don’t like to share their territory. That said, if your cat is walking over you, it is highly likely that he is marking you as his own territory. 

In other words, he is establishing ownership over you. 

Cats may view their owners as part of their territory. I know you are not going to like the sound of this, but this is his way of telling you that you are his doormat and that you better accept it. 

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5. Comfort and warmth

Cats are comfort creatures, and walking over their owners makes them feel comfortable and healthy. In other words, they feel warm as they enjoy the body heat of their owners.

This is especially true in the case of a kitten that has lost its mother. Walking over his owner makes him feel safe, as though in the arms of his own mother. 

A domestic cat will always look for the safest spot in the house, and if you are their owner, this safe spot is most likely to be you. 

Cats like to be comfortable and cozy, and chances are, you are the warm and soft place that they love to lie on. 

You are their cushion for them to relax on, their blanket when they feel cold, and what else? Maybe their entire bed? 

6. Love and Affection

Cats do a lot of things to show their owners how much they love them, and walking over them is just one on the list. 

If your cat loves you, he is going to follow you around, whine if he is the talkative kind, give you love bites, get you gifts, and constantly make muffins on you. 

He will purr, roll, scratch, and do all these feline things when he is around. Go ahead and give him a body rub, for that is what he is waiting to receive from you. 

7. Anxiety and Stress

Like humans, cats can experience stress, too, only they are not as good as humans at handling it. 

So, perhaps your cat is upset about something new that he sees around you, like another pet or a caretaker that is going to take you away from him. 

One way of dealing with this stress is by walking over you. He may try doing other things, too, like rubbing, clawing, and urinating on you, but now that you know what he is going through, you will be patient, won’t you? 

A cat’s behavior immediately changes when he is stressed. While a cat on the street will run and hide, the cat in the house will cling to his owner and perhaps even walk over him. 

Signs of Negative Walking Behaviors

Close-Up Shot of a White Cat Walking

While cats walking over their owners is basically harmless, here are some signs that indicate something negative. They are the following:

Sign 1: Illness and Pain

When your cat is feeling sick, he cannot tell you with words, as your three-year-old will normally do. 

Your cat, instead, will try everything else, like whining and perhaps even walking over you. 

Sign 2: Fear and Anxiety

Cats can feel anxious too, and sometimes your cat may just be anxious about losing you. 

Perhaps you have been too busy with work in the past few days, and walking over to you is his way of saying that he is not comfortable with that and wants more attention from you. 

Sign 3: Aggression

A cat can walk over you as a sign of aggression, directed not so much towards you but perhaps a new cat, or a dog, or any such pet that you have welcomed into the house and is getting more attention from you. 

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How To Discourage Cats Walking On You

Cat Stretching near Hand

Yes, cats are cute, but at times, having them walk over you can be painful and even annoying when you have a lot of things to do. 

And so, like always, try the positive reinforcement method now that you know that the cat means no harm and is only trying to show his love and affection for you. 

  • Provide Alternatives: Perhaps you can give him a toy that distracts him. Even better, introduce a new seat for him, like Garfield? 
  • Give Him the Attention He Needs: After all, it doesn’t hurt to bend down and give him a little rub, or even better, a kiss and a cuddle. Ultimately, they ask you, isn’t this the little you can do? 
  • Set Boundaries: One way to do this is to gently place your cat away each time he begins to climb on you and go on his rounds. It will only be a matter of time before he understands and behaves in a way that suits you. Cats have a language that way, you know? 
  • Create A Comfortable Environment: Make your cat feel loved at all times, even with other pets and humans around. These are some of the things that will make your cat feel loved and, at the same time, discourage this walking behavior.

Know that while some experts suggest negative reinforcement, this is not the best way to correct this behavior. 

Why Is My Cat Always On Top Of Me?

See, a cat will not come close to you if he does not like you, and if he is on top of you right now, he surely likes you, and chances are that right now, he is looking for the love and affection he needs. 

As a cat owner, shouldn’t this be obvious to you? 

Why Do Cats Rest Their Head On You?

Headbutting is one way your cat shows that he loves you, and the same holds true when your cat rests his head on you. 

He feels calm in your presence, and he trusts you. 

How Do Cats Show They Trust You?

A Tuxedo Cat Hugging an Orange Tabby Cat

You just saw one of the above, and then he is going to do things like holding his tail straight up when he sees you, following you all around with you. 

While he may not wag his tail like a dog, you will still see it gently quiver, and this is a sign that he trusts and loves you. 

How Do Cats Pick Their Favorite Person?

You won’t believe this, but cats also have a sense of psychology. He checks who is making the most effort and the right effort and will come to you if he finds that the person is you. 

There is also a sense of loyalty among them. Cats are loyal to those who show them kindness and respect. They recognize those who care for them and often show appreciation through purring, cuddling, and playing.

Frequently Asked Questions: why does my cat walk on me?

Q1. Why Does My Cat Walk On Me In The Morning?

Ans: Because he wants your attention. If your cat walks on you in the morning, it could be because you are most slouchy at this time, and he wants you to drop that behavior. Cats want a cheerful and attentive owner. 

Q2. Why Does My Cat Walk On Me At Night?

Ans: Same thing. He wants your attention and doesn’t know how else to ask for it. The poor thing doesn’t realize that you had a hard day at work while there he sat waiting by the window for you all day for you to return home. 
And now, there he sees you under the covers. 

Q3. Why Do Cats Climb On Your Chest?

Ans: Now he is trying to own you and mark you with his scent, and scent that the neighboring cat should get along with the most important message: this person is mine, so keep your menacing hands away. 

Q4. Do Cats Like Being Talked To?

Ans: Of course, every living being likes being talked to, including plants, and if your cat is a living being, he would love to hear from you too. He wants to know all about your day and how it went. He may not understand every word you say, but enough to know that you love him and that to him, that’s okay. 

Q5. Do Cats Prefer Female Owners?

Ans: Yes, perhaps it has something to do with a woman’s greater affection for cats, and you sure would agree with that too. Watch a woman play with a cat, and you will soon. She makes her voice shrill, talks to him like he’s the baby from her own womb, makes a fool of herself, and does what any mother will do. 

Q6. Why Does My Cat Walk On Me And Purr?

Ans: Because he is a cat, and that is what cats do, especially when they want your attention. If they could nag you about all that time you spend over the TV and just say, “prioritize me,” that’s what they would rather do. But that’s okay, for this just makes them appear cuter, and you agree with that, don’t you? 

Q7. Why Does My Cat Walk On Me In Bed?

Ans: Cats walk on you because they want your attention, period! Let this be the last question on why your cat is walking on you, be it in the morning or at night, on the couch, or in bed. In fact, why don’t you put down that laptop and go give him some attention instead? 

Closing Thoughts!

You came to this page with the big question: why does my cat walk on me? Now you know more than you wanted to. 

So, go and give your cat all the love and attention he has been seeking from you now that you know that he has found a friend and more than a friend in you.


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