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Why Are Orange Cats So Dumb? [Facts & Truths!]

Cats come in different colors and breeds, and if you have been a cat parent for quite some time now, you would have also known the significance behind each cat’s color and breed.

The ragdoll, for one, is perfect for aged cat parents as it is submissive and won’t make them run around.

In the same way, there’s a lot that people believe about cats based on the color that they come in.

And in this article, we shall have a look at the orange tabbies, often believed to be dumb.

Is it true? If yes, why are orange cats so dumb?  Let’s find out if it’s true or not.

What Are Orange Tabby Cats?

Tabby orange cat. 

why are orange cats so dumb?

We know many of you have come because you want to know why are orange cats stupid. But there could also be some new cat parents who have stumbled upon this article by mistake, so let us give them a brief introduction. 

First of all, the orange tabbies do not belong to one particular breed but can belong to any breed. What differentiates them is the orange coat that they come with. It can be striped, ticked, or come with that cat’s coat. 

The reddish or creamish orange color that we see is a result of a certain pigment in their body called pheomelanin, and it only goes on to make them cuter, doesn’t it? 

Expect nothing new. This is just another color that you see on your cat. Just like we have black, white, and golden brown cats, here is an orange cat. 

On the other hand, here’s what you need to expect from your orange cat, and for this, we are going to consider the following question. 

Why Are Orange Cats So Dumb?

Because people believe them to be dumb, the answer is simple. It’s like the teacher of Thomas Alva Edison, who never trusted the potential behind the now-famous scientist Edison. 

Now, while your orange cat cannot go ahead and invent the light bulb (that’s a little too much to expect from him, isn’t it?), he is a lot smarter than you think, so don’t write him off, taking his orange color to mean he is dumb. 

We have cat owners worldwide claiming to have an orange cat that proved to be much more intelligent than they thought. 

Orange cats can have an IQ lower than cats of other colors. However, this may not be true with all orange cats. This is often a myth that most cat lovers go by. There are various reasons for this.

Having said that, here are seven interesting things about orange cats, some of which often lead people to believe that orange cats are stupid.

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Why Orange Cats Aren’t Really Dumb: 7 Interesting Things To Know!

There is an orange tabby cat looking at you. 

why are orange cats so dumb?
Why are orange cats so dumb?

We got it! You heard this claim so many times that now that we have convinced you, now you are curious to know what this claim is all about. 

In other words, your question is why are orange cats believed to be so dumb, and we have an answer to that too. Read on, and we shall see:

1. Orange Tabbies Are Friendly. 

But don’t mistake friendly being the same as dumb. It’s like underestimating that naughty child in the classroom you knew to be only good for mischief till he one day surprises you and brings you to your disbelief. 

Do you want the same to happen to you? Well, then, give credit to your little ginger cat, will you?

If not, he is going to be all over you, seeking some attention from you, and this could be the reason for doing this that cat owners and you do not approve. 

As a result? Well, we just conclude them to be plain dumb when in reality. It’s just their smart and clever way of seeking some tender loving care from you. Give it to them, won’t you? 

2. Orange Cats Are Affectionate

And just as in the case of most human beings, their kindness is often mistaken to be a weakness. 

Why would you want to underestimate your poor orange tabby? He is way above smarter than you think if he can be such an affectionate being. 

And because they’re affectionate…

3. They Appear To Be Lazy

This is because they’d rather choose to be on your lap than out there playing with toys and other things. 

Don’t take them for being lazy or stupid. They just love you too much to be out there proving themselves to be intelligent beings. You’re blessed to have this orange creature in your home, agree?

4. But Not So Lazy

And yet, when they play, be ready to expect anything. While an orange cat would do anything for a good snuggle on your lap, be ready to face its adventurous and playful side. 

In other words, when your orange boy is in the mood to have some fun, there is no stopping him indeed. 

He’s just going to play to his heart’s content, and then when he’s done, present to you his cute orange face, and that is how he will make your heart melt. 

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5. Orange Tabby Knows When To Protect You

And so, because they are so affectionate, don’t be surprised when you suddenly see them getting aggressive.

It’s just because he loves you so much and feels so protective over you when you are with other beings. This can include other pets like dogs and even other cats and even human beings who step into your home for the first time too. 

You can’t call this dumb, can you? How on earth is your poor ginger cat to know that these visitors mean well and won’t harm you with anything?

6. They’re Just Too Bold

So, it’s the contrary. An orange cat can take care of himself as he comes with a strong and bold personality. 

Be prepared for more of this if your orange cat is a male one. These not only come in larger sizes but bolder personalities. 

This could probably be one reason for some annoyed cat parents writing them off as orange cats are stupid. Now, don’t go ahead and join that party. We are good and appreciative cat parents, aren’t we?

7. They Want To Talk To You

And finally, because they are affectionate beings, they are going to keep talking to you, so don’t be annoyed when you come across the occasional meowing and purring that seems to be never-ending, especially when you have a lot on your mind and are in the corner sulking. 

He’s only trying to tell you he is there for you, and you need not worry. In other words, the orange cat is like that faithful friend who will do all he can to comfort a friend who seems to be mourning. 

Let’s be grateful for him, indeed. And so these are some of the reasons why your poor affectionate orange cat looks like nothing more than a dumb being. 

Are all orange cats tabbies?

Why are orange cats stupid? An orange cat sits on top of the owner's lap as she watches the television.

Yes, all orange cats are tabbies, and the reason they are called tabbies is because of the tabby markings on their bodies. This can be of different kinds.

Some have classic markings, some have mackerel, and some have ticked markings. But the point is that these markings are found on the fur of every orange cat. 

How long do orange tabbies live?

Orange cats live for a period of ten to twelve years. Some can even live up to a period of twenty years. 

In other words, an orange cat has about the same life span as those of other colors and breeds. 

The lifespan of a cat does not depend on the color of its fur but on factors like health, medical care, and other conditions of living. 

Do orange cats have more health problems?

Weight loss, vomiting, upset stomach, hyperthyroidism, and urinary troubles are some of the health issues that the ASPCA has reported as common among orange cats. 

However, this can be prevented if the owner takes the right measures, like checking the diet of his cat, taking him for regular checkups, and giving him the activity and exercise that he needs. 

Apart from this, he needs to keep a constant check on the behavior of his cat as an orange cat, when sick, will be loud about the symptoms. 

Are orange cats more aggressive?

Are ginger cats dumb? The orange tabby cat hides his face.

Orange cats may not always be aggressive. However, their affectionate and energetic nature can sometimes make them pass off as aggressive. 

They love to pounce on people to give and receive all the attention they need, and this doesn’t always include their owners. 

However, some studies reveal that female orange cats can be a bit more aggressive than their male counterparts, getting annoyed more often. Yet, this can be treated by seeing that they are well handled. 

Are orange cats more vocal?

Yes, orange cats are not only loud but are also known to be highly assertive and vocal about all their needs.

If they want something, they will ask for it till they get it, and if they have something on their mind, they will say it and see to it that their owner gets it. 

This is more so among the male tabbies. Females, on the other hand, are known for being quieter in comparison. 

Why are orange cats so friendly?

Orange cats are affectionate and highly responsible, which makes them friendlier than other colored cats. In other words, they love the company of their owners and love spending time with them, be it by way of playing, talking, or merely cuddling with them. 

This is also more common among the orange male cats but is also found in the orange female cats, which is why orange cats often make the friendliest of cats. 

Final thoughts on why are orange cats so stupid or dumb!

All this goes on to say that orange cats are unique in their way. Their personality traits make them a pleasure to have, so let them stay, and don’t let the myths and rumors that you hear around you make you throw that precious feline creature in your home away. 

Do that, and it’s not going to be long before you’re going to miss its purrs and cuddles that once covered you with fur, those little cat naps he had on your lap, and the entertainment he gave you as your pet cat. 

He loves you, don’t you know it? And if you do, what makes you want to get rid of it? 

In other words, the concept of why are orange cats so dumb is more of a myth than a fact, so go ahead and relax. Have a cup of tea with your cat.

FAQs on (Why are orange cats so dumb?)

Q1. Are orange cats different?

Ans: No, orange cats are not inherently different from cats of other colors. Their fur color results from genetics and is not related to any unique physical or behavioral traits.

Q2. Why do orange cats meow so much?

Ans: The amount a cat meows can be due to various factors such as hunger, thirst, attention seeking, or simply communicating their feelings. The color of the cat’s fur does not play a role in their meowing habits.

Q3. Why are orange cats fat?

Ans: Cats become overweight or obese when they consume more calories than they burn through exercise and activity. Several factors can contribute to this, such as a sedentary lifestyle, a diet that is too high in calories, or a medical issue.


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